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Please call our offices to inquire about a consultation for our services. You can make the first meeting with Attorney Clint Lawson time-effective if you are organized ahead of time. Feel free to call ahead to discuss what paperwork and information might be worthwhile to have with you. Our divorce law firm has several client intake forms already prepared which you may complete at the office, but you may save time by completing it before the meeting.

What Should I Bring to my Initial Family Law Consultation?

Some of the items you should consider bringing to your initial meeting are:

  • Information pertinent to the reason you are seeking a divorce
  • Contact information for you and your spouse: date of birth, social security number, any alias or prior names, address, phone number, place of employment
  • Information relating to your children: name, date of birth, social security number, concerns about their welfare, special needs
  • Asset information and documentation: list of assets, financial statements, retirement plan documents, bank statements, income tax returns from the past 3 to 4 years, real estate documentation, motor vehicle documentation
  • Debt information: list of debts, credit card statements, mortgage statements, home equity line of credit, personal loan statements, car loans or lease information
  • Legal documents: any documents served on you to start a family law proceeding (if the other party initiated the proceeding), information about the date you were served with papers, prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement, protective order, prior divorce orders, prior modification orders, prior orders of paternity
  • Estate planning documents: will, advanced directive, powers of attorney
  • Your own list of questions personal to your case.

All of these things may be useful to at your first meeting, but if it seems too overwhelming, don’t worry, this information can be gathered later—the important thing is to get to that initial consultation so you can know what your rights are and to avert any potential disasters. To schedule an initial consultation with Attorney Clint Lawson, call 210-244-2701 today.